Welcome, Brave Step Changemakers

Building Strength through Community

Who Are We?

Brave Step’s Mission

Brave Step empowers individuals who have been impacted by sexual violence. To shape a strong, supportive community, we:

  • Provide personalized services that help adults impacted by sexual violence reclaim the life they deserve;
  • Foster brave public conversations about sexual violence; and
  • Cultivate courageous changemakers.

Our Vision

To inspire and empower adults to take action within their lives and to shape a strong, supportive community for current and future generations.

Our Story

Brave Step was established as a nonprofit in 2014 by a survivor of sexual abuse, who found hope and healing through her own experience in therapy. She made a commitment to help survivors and their loved ones identify and receive quality trauma care and find connection with those who understand.

Who Are Changemakers?

A Changemaker is someone who learns how to take brave steps within his or her life, family, community, workplace, at Brave Step and beyond as it relates to sexual violence.

Being a Brave Step Changemaker is for everyone – survivors, loved ones, policy educators, employers, and community leaders. All are impacted by sexual violence. 

Join our Brave Step to access community and support from across the globe. 

Community Guidelines

1. Be respectful of fellow group members.

We ask that you help maintain a safe environment for this community by treating others with mutual respect and protecting the confidentiality of what is shared here.  We realize that you may want to discuss what you might be learning with important people in your life, but please be mindful not to do anything that would compromise the confidentiality of other group members. 

2. Whatever is written in this space stays here …

Whatever is written in this space stays here … unless you are having thoughts of harming yourself, others, or have been harming a child/elderly person.

3. This group is appropriate for individuals 18 yrs+.

4. Be mindful of details.

For the safety of everyone here, please be mindful of the level of detail you share with your story. It could trigger another individual. If details are needed to share, let’s discuss other options.

5. Each person is unique with their set of values.

This group is considered a brave and sacred space regardless of religious, political, or social views. These are personal & should never be forced upon another or used to make anyone feel inadequate/uncomfortable.

6. Do not abuse this space as a marketing platform.

While it is certainly okay to share news, events, and information important in your life, please do not overuse or abuse this space as a marketing platform to sell products, services, etc.

7. Confidentiality is paramount.

Therefore, if someone shares names, details, etc. in regard to other members that engage in this Brave Space, that member will be asked to leave and not participate in the future.

8. It's free!

Brave Step’s Brave Space is free of charge to all participants. We expect no financial contributions for this program.

9. Medical advice cannot be provided.

Brave Space is a survivor-led, loved-one led, and changemaker-led community. It's a place to find understanding, to learn, to share experiences & receive support from others. This is not a substitute for proper medical care.